A little list...

(i love lists!) of what i {heart}...

my hot soccer coach hubby. my brown eyed boy. my blue eyed girl.
my wonderful family. my faith
bubble baths. movie night. sugar cookies candles.
the old spaghetti factory. red toe nail polish. strawberry shortcake.
chubby babies. snuggles. giggles. toes in the warm sand.
my children's smiling faces. silly shows like i love lucy and keeping up appearances.
road trips. roller coasters. my down comforter.
Reese's peanut butter cups. rainbows from Pace's Dairy Ann.
smiles from complete strangers. being anywhere that my hubby is.
pink roses. the ocean. thunder and lightning. the color turquoise. the color orange.
new baby smells. primary songs. a jog by the river. wild flowers. campfires.
freshly fallen snow. surprises. love notes.

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