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Hello! I'm a full-time mom and on the side I'm an aspiring professional photographer and blog designer.
I love to create!! I seem to always have at least three projects going at once.
My passion for photography began when my first son was born. I wanted to capture his every moment...from the little scowl on his face to his huge chubby cheek grin. My hubby had to talk me into buying a digital SLR camera. I remember saying, "Why the heck would we want one of those!?" Now, I'm the one with the camera around my neck capturing the simplest, sweetest moments of our life. My hubby still doesn't even know how to use our camera (so you probably won't be seeing too many photos of me. oh shucks!) ;)

Here you'll find tons of captured moments, mostly of my two beautiful kids (and another one on the way), as well as all the beautiful people I get to "practice" on while I learn new techniques and the art of photography, things I love to create, and the simple things I love that make me giggle or inspire me!

If you are interested in a photo session
please leave a comment here on my blog or contact me at aquapoppydesigns AT yahoo DOT com

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  1. Adorable, honey! I love it all. Your list is priceless, a treasure. Good luck...you're the best photographer ever!

  2. Now that I will be having a son of my own in less than a month, I want to (just like you) capture all of his milestone moments. What kind of camera do you recommend? Also, do you recommend any video cameras??

  3. Angel! My first digital SLR camera was the Nikon D40 and I LOVE that camera still today. I miss it actually! :) But, you can't use all the lens out there on it. So, I upgraded to the Nikon D90...and LOVE this one too. I'm a Nikon girl because when I was young I first used my Dad's film Nikon camera and have always liked them.
    We have a Sony handycam (hard disk drive) to capture videos and I really like it too. I like that it just plugs into our computer and loads the video into my imovie program on my mac. Then I make movies from there.
    Hope this helps! :)

  4. Much success with your newest venture! You are a talented lovely girl! I love you!

  5. Yay! Another new blog! I love all your stuff, so I'll have to put your link on my page. Can't wait to see what creative things you've been up to!

  6. Yeah, so fun. And I'm even more excited cause I read your comment above and your are a Nikon girl. Love it! Everyone I know has Canon ... Good to know we both like Nikon : ) Can't wait to see what you have to share it here!!!!

  7. Your photos are amazing! I use a Nikon as well...what are your favorite/most used lense(s)?

  8. A and D's pictures are priceless.
    So are you, Princess Diana!


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