Recovering an old chair...

I LOVE going to the thrift store ( D.I.) looking for little treasures.
I spotted this old chair and knew I had to have it! I always call my hubby when I find something at the thrift store and send a picture of it to him to make sure he likes it too (he doesn't care one bit really, but I do it anyway). We got it home and he said that it smelled like an old lady's house. Well, it really didn't! He's just a goof ball. I got out my fabric stash and found this yummy Amy Butler fabric that I had bought...geesh, probably two years ago...and swung it over it to see if we liked it. The chair came to LIFE! It made me happy!
So....we ripped and tugged the old stuff off and saved the pieces and used them as the "pattern".
I absolutely LOVE how this chair turned out,
and it's now one of my favorite pieces in my living room!


  1. Hi Chelsea! I love the chair and am very impressed with your many talents. Your photography is wonderful and I think it is great that you are presenting this new blog site. Good luck with it!

  2. Beautiful Chelsea! What can't you do??!

  3. Looks FABULOUS!! I love it! I envy your fabric stash.


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