Baby Wipes Cases...

i just have to show you how cute these baby wipes cases turned out! i was scared to death to try my hand at making the flowers, but there's really no wrong way! just plop the fabric down, move it around and sew! these two wipes cases i gave to my sister in law and a friend who have little babies.

i just love the one i have! if i'm just needing to change my little stinker i can just grab this (diapers fit on the back held by some elastic) and go!

i'm thinking of giving one away for FREE here on my blog!!! Do you think that would be fun??

oh, and i can finally post the engagement pics of A & D!!!! look for that in a few days...


  1. Yes!! I want one Chelsea! They are so wonderfully cute!! I guess I should worry about having a baby first before I have cute baby stuff huh. ;) oh well! You're amazing! This is Anna btw. :)

  2. That second one is SO CUTE!!!! And I love the airplane one you gave to me. You are so stinking talented.

    PS. My sister is pregnant, so I'm going to stay tuned for the possible giveaway! :)

  3. totally cute! I love the first one the best.
    We are getting away from wetwipes, but I would find a reason to carry one around.
    Giveaways are so fun!

    can't wait to see the e-session...& get some ideas from you =) I get to do my brother's in the fall (or soon)

  4. You are just so creative. Those are so stinkin' cute. Thanks for your input today - I wish I had a better eye!

  5. These are darling! Did you come up with the idea? Too, cute.

  6. I love mine!!! Seriously, I have the best sis-in-law :)


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